Automatic Bicycle Registration for Bike Shops using Ascend POS

Link your Ascend Retail and Bike Index Accounts for free

We have a free bicycle registration for bike shops. If you’re a shop that uses Ascend as your POS, our new Ascend point of sale integration will allow you to register each bike you sell automatically. Setup takes about 10 minutes.

If your shop uses Lightspeed, check out our Lightspeed POS integration here.

Once you’ve set up the Trek Ascend POS bicycle registration, you’re done! Each day, Bike Index will pull newly-sold bike information from Ascend to create Bike Index accounts for your customers. Their new bikes will be waiting for them upon login. They just have to check their email, and their new bike will be waiting for them.

Then, if a customer’s bike goes missing, their bike’s information and serial number will be stored for them to access. But don’t worry: we will never give out any of your customer data.

  1. Sign up as a new bike shop organization on Bike Index
  2. Follow the setup instructions on Ascend's Knowledge base article on Bike Index
  3. Email us the password to finish setting up!

Email if you have any questions, or check out the POS integration FAQ. Thank you for registering bikes in Bike Index!