Recovery Stories

Through the Bike Index with the assistance of Portland Police. Thank you Bike Index and Thank you to the Portland Police.

David Bike recovered 2018.9.17

Stolen in 2014, this bike was spotted as assumed abandoned property at a PDX library and the Bike Index came to get it. Original owner and new owner met up and realized new owner had bought it from a pawn shop, who clearly had sold a stolen bike.

Alex Bike recovered 2018.9.17

Through the Bike Index, Seattle PD and a considerate stranger.

David Bike recovered 2018.9.17

The thief was found and arrested! I received one tip through the Bike Index and another through Craigslist which ultimately led to the bike's return :)

Amanda Bike recovered 2018.9.17

Recovery Via Seattle Police Department Evidence Unit who contacted me via the Bike Index.

Tom Bike recovered 2018.9.4

Someone bought it and tried to register it on the Bike Index! So they returned it!

Kyle Bike recovered 2018.9.2

The bike was dumped the same night it was stolen in a neighbor’s yard and they found the bike through the Bike Index!

Ashley Bike recovered 2018.9.2

Someone saw it on OfferUp, checked the Bike Index, and saw that it was stolen. They arranged to meet the guy trying to sell it, and called the cops.

Rebecca Bike recovered 2018.9.2

Found by Clackamas CO sheriff's, ID'd in Bike Index.

Bryan Bike recovered 2018.9.2

Someone found my bike laying on the side walk, looked it up on the Bike Index, and gave me a call. Thank you neighbor and Bike Index!

Cory Bike recovered 2018.9.2

A combination of sharp eyes on Kijiji and the Police. Plus a little bit of daring. I used the Bike Index to show the seller that my bike was stolen and convinced her to let me take it to the police.

Vanessa Bike recovered 2018.9.2

A exceedingly kind neighbor recognized my bike on Bike Index and sent me a picture of two people walking by with it. He gave me updates on where the bike was so I could update the police and get the bike returned! All thanks to Bike Index my bike was returned in less than a week.

Natalie Bike recovered 2018.9.2

Someone found a suspicious bike on LetGo, looked up if any similar bikes were on the Bike Index and when they found my story they got the bike back to me.

Daniel Bike recovered 2018.9.2

Someone recovered my stolen bike through the Bike Index. This is actually the SECOND time this website has gotten my bike back to me.

Jeremy Bike recovered 2018.8.17

Someone found it abandoned and recognized it from my facebook post. They checked the serial number on the Bike Index and it matched!

Nicholas\ Bike recovered 2018.8.7

A very kind person saw it on the Bike Index and returned my bike! Thanks.

Adarryl Bike recovered 2018.8.7

Employees at USA Pawn & Jewelry at SE Stark and 184th (Rockwood) had a customer try to sell it, they looked it up on the Bike Index and held the bike, notifying me to come pick it up!

Bill\ Bike recovered 2018.8.7

A kind hearted soul ended up purchasing this bike stolen and checked the Bike Index! Thank you!

Randall Bike recovered 2018.7.30

Was left abandoned on a Metro Bus. I was contacted through the Bike Index by the King County Surplus department.

Brad Bike recovered 2018.7.17

Someone purchased the bike on Craigslist and looked up the serial number on the Bike Index and was able to return it to me!

Ryan Bike recovered 2018.7.14

Found by Bryan with the Bike Index on Offer Up! Contacted the seller to schedule a time to meet up and 'by the bike'. Met up, confirmed it was mine by the serial number and it was returned with the help of the Portland Police!

Megan Bike recovered 2018.7.11

I got a call from somebody who saw my posting on the Bike Index. He said that he saw my bike behind his building across town. He sent me the location & I went and sure enough, it was mine.

Gabe Bike recovered 2018.7.9

Local bike shop had the bike in for repairs and searched for the serial number on the Bike Index. Bike showed up as stolen and LBS called me to return the bike!!!!

Jacob Bike recovered 2018.7.9

ID'd at Pawn shop via the Bike Index

Candice Bike recovered 2018.7.9

Recovered by Portland Police property division 5 years after it was stolen, and ID'd in the Bike Index. Thanks a bunch!

Bryan Bike recovered 2018.7.8

Listed for sale on Offerup, spotted by a Bike Index user, and recovered by police.

Peggy Bike recovered 2018.7.8

The thief took it to Kenton cycle repair and the owner saw it was registered with the Bike Index and bought it off the guy.

Janique Bike recovered 2018.7.6

Thanks to an anonymous tip as a result of my post on the Bike Index I was able to track the guy down and get my bike back. Proves that there are good people left in the world.

Erin Bike recovered 2018.7.5

Bike Index user saw two kids with my bike and went well out of his way to recover it. A total miracle. I will definitely be donating to the Bike Index!! I'm sitting here having a beer and staring at my bike in total disbelief.

Zachary Bike recovered 2018.6.30

Bike was seized by the Portland Police Bureau, who then contacted me via Bike Index.

Ryan Bike recovered 2018.6.28

Local police found the bike within the area from which it was stolen and, after checking the Bike Index, contacted me to confirm that the theft. The Bike Index in conjunction with local police were the reasons I recovered my bike!

Levi Bike recovered 2018.6.26

Somebody found it partially stripped about half a mile from my home. He found a number of frames after listing them in Craig’s list, later checked the Bike Index. Contacted me and was willing to return for free. Bike was missing headset, stem and wheel set.

Elias Bike recovered 2018.6.22

Aaron Todd, Owner of Downtown Bike in Puyallup, Washington checked a suspicious bike on Bike Index and found that it had been stolen. The police and Aaron called to let me know they had recovered it from the buyer who said he had purchased the bike at a bike swap.

Ron Bike recovered 2018.6.21

It was turned into a local bike shop. Pretty sure the thief was hoping to get something for it and got spooked into making up a story about finding it in a dumpster. Anyhow, I feel extremely fortunate and can't thank Bryan from the Bike Index enough!

Ryan Bike recovered 2018.6.14

Owner and Bike Index with SFPD made connections, Owner came by my house and got it! Nice work and a good ending to part of my loss.

Garry Bike recovered 2018.6.5

Snohomish county sheriff’s office raided a location in north Arlington, this bike was recovered along with other stolen property. Detectives did a search and landed on this website showing the bike as stolen. My bike would not have been returned to me if it hadn’t been registered on the Bike Index.

Henry Bike recovered 2018.5.22

A kind stranger found the stripped frame in some bushes, and thought to look up the serial on Bike Index. Not much left worth saving, but now I don't have to wonder where it is!

Katie Bike recovered 2018.5.20

Officer Randle (SPD) saw my bike abandoned and locked with some other homeless person's belongings in front of the public library and contacted me through Bike Index. I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT MY BIKE BACK!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah! Thank you Bike Index and Office Randle!

John Bike recovered 2018.5.17

A very kind person bought the bike from who may have been the thief, found the listing on the Bike Index, and returned the bike to me. I'm extremely thankful.

Tom Fucoloro Bike recovered 2018.5.16

Someone purchased an abandoned storage unit with my bike inside, found the bike on Bike Index, and contacted me.

Steven Bike recovered 2018.5.16

A citizen spotted the bike with somebody who clearly didn't know what they had, purchased the bike from them for a small amount of money, and then attempted to locate the owner via a Facebook group. A member of that group linked to my Bike Index report. Happiness ensued!

Tim Bike recovered 2018.5.15

Found at Discovery Park, finder looked it up on the Bike Index and returned it.

Dalton Bike recovered 2018.5.15

Police Department found it with a homeless guy they arrested then called me when they found the serial number and searched it through the Bike Index database.

Mohamed Bike recovered 2018.5.9

Found by PPB and ID'd in the Bike Index.

Bryan Bike recovered 2018.5.8

Someone very honest bought it and contacted me as soon as he found out it was stolen. A bike shop inform him that the bike was stolen using the Bike Index.

Alejandro Bike recovered 2018.5.7

I woke up to tons of text messages and emails from people in the Bike Index community that had spotted it on both Offerup and Craigslist. I was able to ID the bike from the photos posted as they included my rear rack, pedals, and the scuff on the front stem that was from damage I had caused.

Megan Bike recovered 2018.5.3

I was contacted by someone at the Bike Index. They indicated that someone had noticed a bike similar to mine for sale on OfferUp. Someone had posted the ad and their suspension of the match to a NW stolen bikes Facebook group.

Tim Bike recovered 2018.4.29

Someone found it for sale online and checked the Bike Index, and sent me an email! I was so glad to get it back!

Courtnay Bike recovered 2018.4.22

Good News! My bike has been found!!!! Over in Northeast Portland probably 5+miles from my house, someone found it stashed in an alley. He searched stolen bikes and found my listing with the Bike Index!!!! Thank you thank you!

Scott Bike recovered 2018.4.20

The person who found my bike contacted me via Bike Index! Thanks for helping me recover my mountain bike I never thought I’d see again!

Julia Bike recovered 2018.4.17