Recovery Stories

Recovered with the Bike Index's help!

Connie Bike recovered 2019.5.9

Vigilante efforts thanks to PNW Lost/Stolen Bikes group on facebook, some kind individuals, the SPD, the Bike Index, and some karma.

Lila Bike recovered 2019.5.8

Local landlord found it by one of his buildings! He found me on the Bike Index and had me come by and grab it! This site is great, thank you!!

Dillon Bike recovered 2019.5.8

I got a tip from the Bike Index that it was for sale on OfferUp. I posed as a buyer and got the federal police (Homeland Security) in Washington DC to confront him, match up the serial number, and after a year apart, Joule and I are reunited!!! I’ll be donating to Bike Index. Thank you!!!

Daniel Bike recovered 2019.5.7

Found it on Facebook and met with the person. Bike Index was very helpful in recovering it since I had all my documents on this site.

Manuel Bike recovered 2019.5.7

Sold to an unsuspecting buyer on Offerup, because Offerup is terrible then ID'd as stolen in the Bike Index.

Greg Cargo Bike (Front Storage) recovered 2019.5.6

Someone saw my bike downtown, called me via the Bike Index, and flagged down the police!

Craig Bike recovered 2019.5.6

Stolen Bikes YEG found it online. The police followed up and caught the thief red-handed cruising down Whyte Ave on my bike. They contacted me via the Bike Index!

Mary Bike recovered 2019.5.2

The bike was found at local bike shop and we were notified via the Bike Index! Thanks.

Kristin Bike recovered 2019.5.2

A fine citizen found it on Craigslist and checked the Bike Index to see if it was stolen. He contacted me and voila! He had bought it from someone who, we presume, bought it from the thief (or dealer).

Joshua Bike recovered 2019.5.1