Press release: LAPD now registering bikes with Bike Index

video LA Councilmember Bob Blumefeld encourages registration in Bike Index.

Bike Index has partnered with LAPD to register and recover bikes throughout the city of Los Angeles. With a metropolitan area population of over 13 million people and a known cycling hotbed, Los Angeles sports significant and varied ridership. Unfortunately, where there are large numbers of bikes, bike theft follows. Bike Index is looking forward to helping LAPD and LA cyclists fight back against bike theft.

We are very excited to partner with Bike Index, as this partnership symbolizes a joint effort in returning countless numbers of bicycles to their rightful owners
Officer Brittany Elenes, LAPD

Cyclists in Los Angeles can register their bikes for free at This allows LAPD to communicate with owners when they recover a stolen bike. Bike registration is the only way to link a recovered bicycle to its owner. LA cyclists can register their bikes with Bike Index through LAPD in just a few minutes.

Bike Index also encourages bike shops in Los Angeles to set up a point-of-sale integration to register each bike they sell automatically in Bike Index. Shops that use either Lightspeed or Ascend retail can utilize these integrations to provide an automatic LAPD registration to each customer that buys a bike. Each new bike hitting the road or trail in LA will be protected from the moment it leaves the floor, at no cost to the shop or customer.

Bike Index continues to be the most-widely used registration platform with the highest published bike theft recovery rate of any service. With this official partnership, bike registration in LA will be more effective than ever. In addition to alerting the community of a stolen bike through our social media tools, LAPD will be using Bike Index to return stolen bikes to their rightful owners.

This adds to an excellent year of expansion for Bike Index with multiple municipalities rolling out with Bike Index platforms for their cities. In 2020, upwards of 30 new cities trialed Bike Index's tools for municipalities and law enforcement and over 80 bike shops have joined to register bikes on Bike Index so far.

Bike Index's growing use will allow bikes registered anywhere to be recovered everywhere. Register your bike today.