New Bike Index iOS app released

Bike Index’s new mobile app for bicycle registry is now available in the App Store.

It’s an exciting day here at Bike Index! After 11 years of hard work building the leading bike registry for stolen bike recovery, we’ve reached a big milestone launching our first mobile app for iOS devices: the official Bike Index app. Download the Bike Index app from the App Store.

Screenshot of the homescreen for registering a bike
Screenshot of registering a bike in the iOS app

A Quick Look Back

When Bryan Hance and Seth Herr founded Bike Index back in 2013, the mission was simple—make it easy for cyclists everywhere to register their bikes to combat rampant bike theft.

In the past 11 years, our grassroots nonprofit has grown immensely thanks to the support of our dedicated community of cyclists, bike shops, police departments, universities, and partner organizations.

Today, Bike Index’s registry contains over 1.2 registered bikes from around the world. And our dedicated efforts have aided in the recovery of over 14,000 stolen bicycles valued at over $25 million to date.

Introducing the Bike Index iOS App

As bike theft continues to be a major issue, getting every bike properly registered is more important than ever. This iOS app is a huge step towards that goal, removing one of the biggest friction points and allowing anyone to easily register their bike from wherever they are.

Key Features of the Bike Index App:

  • Create a Bike Index account and register one or more bikes with just a few taps

  • Add photos of your bike, specs, components, and other details to make recovery easier in the case of it ever being stolen

  • Easily transfer ownership to a new rider

  • Quickly look up a bike in the registry to see if it is stolen

The new app also provides additional value for our official and unofficial partner organizations, who can now quickly search for stolen bikes from the convenience of their mobile devices.

How to Get the Bike Index App

The free, open-source Bike Index app is available in the Apple App Store.

Go to the app in the App Store to download!

Once installed, you can quickly create an account or log in to your existing account to start registering your bikes immediately.

What devices is the app compatible with?

The Bike Index app is designed for all modern iOS devices running iOS 17 or later, including iPhones and iPads.

Can I still use the Bike Index website/online registry?

Absolutely. The Bike Index website and web app will continue to be available and supported in addition to the new iOS app.

In fact, the app uses the web to render anything that isn't specifically built in to the app. We're really proud of the app - you can view the source code on GitHub.