Driving service revenues with bicycle registration

As the polar vortex covers the country, many shops are wondering how to draw out their favorite customers. Across our network of 300+ shops, we are starting to see some use bicycle registration as reason to reach out to their customers. As many of you know Bike Index has bike registration integrations with Lightspeed and Ascend so you can register bikes at point of sale. But have you thought about registering service bikes? As an ‘organization’ in the Bike Index system, you have a web-based registration option that makes it easy to register bikes that are in for service. You can register bikes for customers taking advantage of your winter overhaul specials, or those that need to clean the salt off their rigs.

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Register your bike when u purchase at a bike shop like @newwheel & w/ local registries like @stolenbikessfo

So, how do you roll this out to your customers?

Depending on your marketing platforms, there can be many approaches. At the end of the day, the messaging remains the same: “Free bicycle registration with any tune up”.

I’m a big fan of email marketing so here is a little sample messaging.


I hope you’re staying warm this winter. We are busy in the shop preparing for spring. It may be wishful thinking, but spring is right around the corner. To get ahead of the game before it gets warm, we’re doing something different when you bring your bike in for repair this winter. We are offering Free bicycle registrations with Bike Index. Bike Index is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose sole purpose is facilitating the recovery of stolen bikes.

We despise bike thieves as much as we hate winter which is why we are registering bikes. Bike Index has recovered 5,000+ stolen bikes for customers around the world. The service is completely free to use in the hopefully unlikely event your bicycle is stolen.

Click here to schedule a slot with our service department.


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At Bike Index, our goal is to provide a valuable service for your customers, but to do this from the background unless we are needed. Winter bicycle registration drives help foster a great relationship with your customers and hopefully generate some service revenues at the same time. And you can offer the Bike Index community to anyone who is worried about their bike getting stolen. Join our community of over 300 shops on Bike Index.

Have any great winter communication strategies you’ve used before? Please let us know!