Why donate to Bike Index?

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Thank you to everyone who has been part of Bike Index's journey. Each year we grow more than ever, registering and recovering bikes at rates we dreamed of when all of this started over ten years ago now. We rely on your continued support.


We need you more than ever.

As the world continues to change, so do we. More people are relying on Bike Index to keep their bikes safe: more advocacy groups getting people safely onto the road, more bike shops registering bikes for their communities, and more people like you - cyclists who have the right to ride without the fear of bike theft.

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That's why we're a non-profit. We're here to provide free, easy, and low-barrier registration for every cyclist worldwide. Thanks to donations like yours, we're able to offer low-cost registration tools as the world's most widely-used registry.

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Your donations have recovered thousands of stolen bicycles, all across North America and the world. These aren't just toys, these bikes are rides to work and school and lifelines to the community during hard times.

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It's World Bicycle Day! Thanks to @BikeIndex, we have already recovered 6 bicycles and returned 4 of them to their owners this week. Since we partnered with Bike Index last year over 19,000 bikes in YEG have been registered. Have you registered on BikeIndex.org yet?

You are making the difference against bike theft. And you can continue to make this difference. Donate to Bike Index today.

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Want to donate via PayPal? We have that too:

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You can also make an impact while you shop online. Use our Amazon link and AmazonSmile will donate to Bike Index NFP, at no cost to you.