Bike Index Store

updated September 14 2021

To purchase any of our merchandise, please make a donation for the cost of the item here. Then, forward a copy of the donation receipt you receive in your email inbox to and include your mailing address. We will email you a confirmation as soon as your product ships.

Bike Index QR sticker (1), $3 - buy here

Before you buy! Are you in Alberta? Please check with your local police force and bike shops - they have custom-printed QR stickers specific to your cities.

qr sticker

Link a QR sticker to your bike and make it scannable. Weather-proof, tamper-resistant, and all-around awesome, allow people to scan your bike and send you a message if they find it. And let thieves know that the smartphones are watching.

How do I link my sticker?

Cycling cap, $22 - buy here

cap 1 cap 2

1 size - plenty of Luft. Made by Pace Custom Sportswear, Cotton with Koolfit Elastic Band, 3 panel dome

Shop/organization poster, $10 - buy here

poster 1 poster 2

Great to have in a shop or at a registration event. Inform your customers and your patrons how to buy a bike the right way, and make sure that they're not getting scammed by a used bike salesperson.

'Registered' stickers, $10/10 - buy here


Small frame stickers are back, and now with a new and better look. Let the world know your bikes are protected by the most used registration program in the world.