Recovery Stories

Person that took it responded and delivered. Thought bike was trash since I hid it in the dumpster bay while at work. I forgot my keys. Thanks, Bike Index, for helping the finder get in touch with me. translated from English

Marcus Bike recovered 2016.4.24

Someone on Bike Index emailed me via my contact info listed here. Success! translated from English

Jeremy Bike recovered 2016.4.22

A good samaritan, just moved to New Orleans and purchased bike but was not comfortable with the seller or sale so she searched for the bike on Bike Index and contacted Stolen Bikes Nola to find the owner. translated from English

Stolen Bikes NOLA Bike recovered 2016.4.22

Fire fighters are the greatest! Someone had crashed my bike and the local fire fighters were called to the scene. They found the situation questionable, so they checked out the serial number on The Bike Index, contacted me, and now I have my bike! translated from English

Dan Bike recovered 2016.4.20

Portland Police North Precint found bike inside stolen vehicle. When detective initially ran a check in their system for bike's serial number, nothing came up but when he checked Bike Index, he found my info. Thank you, Bike Index for being crucial in recovering my stolen bicycle! I'm forever grateful! translated from English

Steven Bike recovered 2016.4.15

Shortly afterward my bike was stolen Wednesday morning, I posted my Bike Index link on Twitter which was retweeted by BikeIndexSF and SFPD Anti Bike Theft. Long story short, I was able to recover my bike before it was sold and it was all thanks to Twitter, Bike Index, and a couple amazing human beings. translated from English

Chloe Bike recovered 2016.4.14

Contacted by a person who possessed it. Thanks. I don't know exactly how they found us, but I think it was Google over the web and phone contact through the Bike Index. translated from English

Charlie Bike recovered 2016.4.14

Someone dumped my bike in a backyard a few blocks away from where it was stolen and the homeowner turned it in to the Police. The police searched bike index and found it! Then contacted me. Thanks, bike index! translated from English

Holly Bike recovered 2016.4.13

Found by Portland Police Bureau with Bike Index help translated from English

Bryan Bike recovered 2016.4.12

An amazing fellow found a sketchy post on Offer Up and crossed referenced Bike Index, suspected it was my bike, gave me a call, we called the cops to be on stand by, he met the guy to check out the bike, saw it was my serial number, and BOOM. THANK YOU BIKE INDEX! translated from English

Maggies Bike recovered 2016.4.12

Thanks to Bike Index, after busting a dope house where my bicycle had been stashed, the Portland Police kindly called to tell me they had found my Bianchi. The detective also noted that he always checks Bike Index so to tell any friends who have a bike stolen to always register them. YAY! translated from English

Anna Bike recovered 2016.4.11

A good Samaritan spotted my bike being sold on 16th and Harrison. He approached the person buying the bike and said he suspected it had been stolen. He took a picture of the serial number, searched bike index and got in touch with me. Bike index works! translated from English

Delia Bike recovered 2016.4.11

Chris, a user of bikeindex found it near Bryant street Safeway. A BIG BIG thanks to Chris. He even went to see the guy and take back the bike for me. translated from English

Maelle Bike recovered 2016.4.10

Police called us at 2:30AM saying that a guy bought the bike from someone else and then went on Bike index to see if the bike was stolen. Luckily, we had already created an alert on bike index. The police officer has been clear, without bike index he could not have found us! Bike Index report worked better than a police report. Thank you Bike index!!!! translated from English

Adriana Bike recovered 2016.4.6

I was busy working on my speech for the graduation ceremony when a unknown number called me. On the other side of the line a gentleman name Jason. He spotted my bike and recognized it at it's distinctive color got in touch and described the bike to me and send a picture.I called 911, got an Uber. Thank you Bike Index without you Jason would never had the informations about my stolen bike. translated from English

Ronald Bike recovered 2016.4.4

The Bike Index helped me recover my bike. translated from English

Stephanie Bike recovered 2016.3.31

SPD recovered it using the bike index. translated from English

Jennifer Bike recovered 2016.3.31

Returned by Shawn Walsh, custom bike restorer. He bought it off a kid on the street for $50, checked the Bike Index and saw it was stolen, then he called me. If your bike is stolen he may be your best friend. translated from English

Bruce Bike recovered 2016.3.30

Good Samaritan saw and recovered. Looked up on your site!! translated from English

Tim Bike recovered 2016.3.29

The great people at Aarons Bicycle Repair got the bike after someone brought it in to sell it. They're amazing people. Everything was recovered less the front racks and fenders. I'm so thankful for Bike Index for helping make this happen. translated from English

Michael Bike recovered 2016.3.29

Fellow cyclist spotted and purchased at a flea market and checked serial number against Bike Index. translated from English

Travis Bike recovered 2016.3.28

Got a text from a member on the Bike Index saying they saw my bike at a homeless camp nearby. We called the police and they met us there. Sure enough it was my bike (luckily I had the serial number to prove it)! This website is awesome. Keep up the good work! translated from English

Dawn Raspotnik Bike recovered 2016.3.26

Kind soul ran into a street peddler who clearly didn't purchase this bike. After posting on Craiglist he searched bike index and let me know. Super kind chap, brilliant site. Forever greatful to you all. translated from English

Ben Bike recovered 2016.3.26

The convention center caught somebody stealing it, so they brought it inside. Since nobody contacted them looking for it, they turned it over to the police. Because the bike was registered on this site the police were able to get it back to me. translated from English

fritz Bike recovered 2016.3.25

Big thanks to the University of Washington police who recovered and delivered the bike to my house. missing lock and lights but i have my daily rider back. they searched Bike Index and were able to identify the bike and recover it. thank you bike index!!! i'm going to register all my bikes. translated from English

Kevin Bike recovered 2016.3.25

Person found it abandoned in the bushes near their house. They found my bike's reg number on this site and contacted me. I met up with them right away and got it back. It had been just over two years since it was stolen! translated from English

Don Bike recovered 2016.3.24

Someone had the bike advertised for sale on Craigslist. Between this website and someone searching on Craigslist my bike was able to be recovered. Because a honest citizen messaged me to take a look at the for sale ad, I was able to confirm it was mine and proceed with recovery. Thanks bike index! So recommended. translated from English

Ginny Bike recovered 2016.3.24

A friend of a bike index user bought my stolen bike and luckily that user, John, did a little research. He contacted me via the Bike Index and now my bike is back home. As soon as I get a better lock, I'll be back out there riding! translated from English

Don Bike recovered 2016.3.23

Thief abandoned the bike on a Seattle Metro Bus, and King County Metro brought the bike to their surplus store, found my stolen bike report on Bike Index and contacted me. translated from English

Luke Bike recovered 2016.3.21

A good samaritan checked a suspicious ad on eBay against Bike Index and contacted me regarding the bike. Bryan at Bike Index investigated and checked the serial number and contacted the seller who turned the bike over. Forever gracious for such a great website!!! translated from English

Steve Bike recovered 2016.3.18

Another bike guy saw a sketchy wrong size dude riding my bike in a shady area. He offered to buy it, bought it, contacted me through bike index and returned it to me! translated from English

Jordan Bike recovered 2016.3.18

This website, the theft tried to sell it on offer up, the purchaser contacted me after he looked it up on this index. translated from English

Joe Bike recovered 2016.3.16

After 6 months of looking for, and almost giving up on my bike, I received an email from a Bike Index user thinking they saw it listed on Craigslist. This person was hoping to purchase my bike, but saw that it was registered as stolen on Bike Index, emailed me about it, and I set up a sale with the supposed thieves who were listing my bike. 30 minutes before the 'sale' was to take place, I called the police and they assisted in retrieving my bike from the 'sellers.' My bike had a few broken parts, but otherwise in fairly good condition. I am so grateful to the Bike Index community! translated from English

Stuart Bike recovered 2016.3.13

Found by seattle fellow rider, ID'd via Bike Index translated from English

Dan Bike recovered 2016.3.11

A drunk old fella bought it for $78, after realizing someone would be missing it, he found it on Bike Index and gave me a call. I paid him $120 for his troubles and we sat down and chatted for a bit over a cold one. translated from English

Brett Bike recovered 2016.3.9

Someone traded for the bike without realizing it was stolen. She has offered to pay for the bike as it is her only means of transportation. translated from English

Pedal Bike Tours Bike recovered 2016.3.6

A guy bought it off of craigslist, found my listing on Bike Index, and returned the bike to me, reward given to good-guy, cops are on the trail of the suspects. translated from English

Jim Bike recovered 2016.3.3

I received a tip from a Bike Index user that my bike was listed for sale on an app called 5miles. APD was able to track the seller to his address and locate my bike. translated from English

Margaret Bike recovered 2016.3.3

An awesome and helpful tipster saw the bike on craigslist and then sent us a message through bike index. After arranging a meeting with the seller, Beaverton PD happened to have time to meet us and help get the bike back. Thanks so much to the tipster, Bryan at Bike Index, and the Beaverton PD! translated from English

Joel Bike recovered 2016.2.29

It was bought from a flea market in Napa, and when the purchaser googled the model when he got home up popped this Bike Index entry. Thanks Marcos for being an honest man; thanks Bike Index for putting us together! translated from English

John Bike recovered 2016.2.27

Bought from panhandler, returned via the Bike Index. translated from English

Bike Index Bike recovered 2016.2.21

A helpful citizen contacted me through bike index and told me where to find it for sale online. I arranged a meeting with the person where the police helped me retrieve the bicycle. translated from English

Greg Bike recovered 2016.2.20

Gresham cycles ID'd this stolen bike via the Bike Index and it has been returned. translated from English

Bike Index Bike recovered 2016.2.20

Found for sale on Craigslist in Missoula Montana. A friend of a friend recognized my bike from a posting on the Bike Index. translated from English

Amy Bike recovered 2016.2.20

A very nice man bought my bike for $140 dollars on Market and 7th from a man who matches the description of the thief. He then looked up the serial number and found out it was reported stolen by this website, called me and hand delivered my bike in perfect condition. Can't thank this website enough!!!! My bike was missing for less than 48 hours. translated from English

Hunter Bike recovered 2016.2.18

A babysitter saw my bike off the side of the road looking suspicious: no lock, helmet and lights in tact, and sitting on a main thoroughfare with no one in sight. I'd already reported it stolen to the authorities; she found my bike listed as stolen on Bike Index, took down the case number, and called it in to the police. My bike was returned to me the same day she found it. Thanks! translated from English

Emily Bike recovered 2016.2.18

Someone alerted me to an ad on after they saw my bike here. translated from English

Indar Bike recovered 2016.2.16

Law enforcement!! Portland transit police walked up to a known bike thief 4months after it was stolen and asked him about the bike he was working on. Ended up that it was mine so they took it from him, tracked me down using the index and we were reunited happily ever after!! translated from English

Vanessa Bike recovered 2016.2.16

Someone saw it on craigslist and recognized it from the post on this website and notified me. Then they set up a meet and i met the person in a Cub foods parking lot and took it back. Many thanks Bike Index. translated from English

michael Bike recovered 2016.2.12

A person contacted me after he bought the bike and find out it was stolen. He checked serial number on this site. The person was extremely honest and kind and returned me the bike. translated from English

Pochekailov Bike recovered 2016.2.8