Recovery Stories

Bike Index user spotted it for sale in PPB auction, recovered. translated from English

Bryan Bike recovered 2016.10.2

ID'd on the Bike Index and recovered. translated from English

Conrad Bike recovered 2016.10.2

Someone contacted me through this site to let me know they found it in their complex. If it wasn't for your site I don't know if I would have ever gotten it back. translated from English

Karen Bike recovered 2016.10.1

Someone tipped me off that it was at a certain address. I found it there, called the cops, and they searched the yard, gave my bike back to me, and seized other stolen bikes from the yard. Thank you Bike Index and good samaritan tip person! translated from English

Paul Recumbent recovered 2016.9.30

Bike mechanic at SF Caltrain thought it looked suspicious. Looked it up on Bike Index and called me! translated from English

Sean Bike recovered 2016.9.29

Twitter users noticed bike in possession of a shady looking guy in the Bayview neighborhood of SF, identified it from the Bike Index and posted it. SFPD Bayview station were notified and made the recovery. translated from English

Beaudry Bike recovered 2016.9.29

A really rad member of the Portland community saw my bike and contacted me through Bike Index. I had my bike back an hour later--I've had this bike for 14 years, so I'm really happy to have it back! Bryan w/ the Bike Index team was super helpful with keeping me up to date throughout the 4 days it was missing. Thanks to the entire team, and all of the people of Portland who helped return my bike to me! translated from English

Sam Bike recovered 2016.9.28

A neighbor told the family who found my bike about Bike Index and they looked me up! My bike had made it all the way across town. It was such a good surprise and a good story. translated from English

Katie Bike recovered 2016.9.25

One of the Bike Index users found it, restored it, and returned it to me. translated from English

Elisha Bike recovered 2016.9.24

The detective matched my bike on the Bike Index. translated from English

Chris Bike recovered 2016.9.23

George at Bike Nuts in Lynnwood, WA bought from some thieves and found it listed on Bike Index. translated from English

Tom Bike recovered 2016.9.21

Someone from Bike Index notified me of a posting on Offer Up. I then coordinated with local police and setup a sting and got my bike back. Thank you Bike Index for your thankless work! translated from English

Erik Bike recovered 2016.9.20

A woman contacted me after discovering that bike someone was trying to sell her was my stolen Bianchi. She looked up the serial number on the bike index and found me! translated from English

Shelby Bike recovered 2016.9.19

Returned by someone who ran the serial number on Bike Index translated from English

Timothy Bike recovered 2016.9.18

Park police found my bike abandoned in a park and looked it up in the Bike Index database and reached out to me via email. translated from English

Casey Bike recovered 2016.9.16

Someone came into Kozy's Cyclery to get the spokes fixed after they were cut (being stolen). The mechanic thought it looked fishy and looked up on the Bike Index and saw my posting. They called the police, the police called me and shared with me the news they found my bike! translated from English

Tessa Bike recovered 2016.9.14

The person who stole it tried to sell it on the street; the buyer, a good guy, guessed that the bike was stolen so he bought it; he looked on-line and learned that it was my bike. I presume the good guy learned traced me through Bike Index because this was the only place I posted about it. translated from English

Samina Bike recovered 2016.9.14

Found it on the French equivalent of Craigslist and contacted the police. translated from English

Matt Bike recovered 2016.9.14

Web sleuthing and partnership with the Portland Bike Theft Task Force. translated from English

Paul Bike recovered 2016.9.7

Found by Charlie and Cari at the Berkeley Bart Bike Station, in cooperation with Berkeley Police. Contacted me as a result of registering serial number in Bike Index. translated from English

Rob Bike recovered 2016.9.7

Was purchased from the thief by a guy that tunes and flips bikes. Upon seeing the serial number listed on The Bike Index, the purchaser contacted me and returned the bike! translated from English

Phil Bike recovered 2016.9.6

Found by a guy in Florida. The Bike Index got involved and helped me get it back. translated from English

Bryan Bike recovered 2016.9.5

Found by buyer, ID'd with Bike Index help. translated from English

McKenna Bike recovered 2016.9.4

Bike spotted on LETGO by a Bike Index user and a sting ensued, owner updated us. translated from English

David Bike recovered 2016.9.3

The cops recovered it with Bike Index assistance. translated from English

Sampson Bike recovered 2016.9.3

Recovered with Bike Index help after going from OU to a pawn shop. translated from English

Jaime Bike recovered 2016.9.3

Recovered by WTF bikes with Bike Index assist translated from English

Bryan Bike recovered 2016.9.3

An observer saw my bicycle through Bike Index and called the Portland Bureau of Police, who made the arrest and released my bicycle to me! translated from English

James Bike recovered 2016.9.2

Gents from Abraham's Fixes Bikes in Portland saw it, threw a lock on it, and called the police. The thief, upon discovery of the lock, took the front wheel and jetted. Bike Index and great bike folks in Portland do it again! translated from English

Tim Bike recovered 2016.9.1

Thank you so much Joe and Bike Index! Joe saw a sketchy add on OfferUp, checked on Bike Index and contacted me. We set up a buy and got the cops. I got my Bessie bike back!! translated from English

Jon Bike recovered 2016.8.31

Seattle Police found it on Bike Index and called me. Big kudos to them! translated from English

Robbins Bike recovered 2016.8.24

A person bought the bike from someone on the street and then checked Bike Index to see if it was a stolen bike. We had registered the bike and so he found it and contacted us. On Monday morning we were lamenting the loss of the bike. By Tuesday evening we had the bike back and were grateful for our good Samaritan and for Bike Index. translated from English

Jason Bike recovered 2016.8.24

The Vancouver police department found it then searched it on Bike Index. translated from English

Kamila Bike recovered 2016.8.17

Get a text from someone who saw Bike Index post. Went to location, @Best Buy/Division and called cops. Thanks to the community and Bike Index!! Teamwork!! translated from English

Stephanie Cargo Bike (Front Storage) recovered 2016.8.16

Auburn, WA Police Dept tracked it down to a Pawn Shop in Seattle, then found it listed on Bike Index translated from English

Jeff Bike recovered 2016.8.10

A person within 2 blocks found my bike after another bike theft. Looked up the bike on the Bike Index and got my contact info! translated from English

Zachary Bike recovered 2016.8.4

A man named Tim purchased my stolen bike from a woman (thief) on Craigslist. Tim googled the serial number to purchase parts (since the thieves damaged my bike) and noticed through the Bike Index that it was stolen. He contacted me and returned it. A true good samaritan to whom I'm forever grateful. An amazing, amazing incredible story that showcases the goodness of humanity! translated from English

Andrea Bike recovered 2016.8.3

Local bike shop ICS. Recognized bike from Bike Index listing and gave me a call. Customer wanted to change the tires!! translated from English

Denham Bike recovered 2016.8.2

Recovered by University of Washington Police Dept using Bike Index. translated from English

Erin Bike recovered 2016.8.1

Bike was found with assistance from a Bike Index user, translated from English

Trevor Bike recovered 2016.8.1

Portland Police Bureau Bike Theft Task Force found it on July 30 2016, a little more than three months after it was stolen. Many thanks to the officer who helped me out! translated from English

Ben Bike recovered 2016.8.1

Someone found it in the an alley and got it back to me using Bike Index! Thank you! translated from English

Karl Bike recovered 2016.7.27

Recovered thanks to the Bike Index! translated from English

Paul Bike recovered 2016.7.25

A good Samaritan saw the bike for sale in a local park. Once home, he found my posting on Bike Index. He spent the rest of the week tracking the bike down with the help of a friend of his who is homeless and knew the people who had it. He was eventually able to buy it back for a fraction of its value, and returned it to me. I'm thrilled! Wouldn't have happened without Bike Index. translated from English

Ted Bike recovered 2016.7.23

Bike was returned with the help of the Bike Index! translated from English

Bryan Bike recovered 2016.7.20

Bike was recovered with the help of the Bike Index, and the San Francisco Police Department! translated from English

Damien Bike recovered 2016.7.20

Recovered thanks to Bike Index! translated from English

Christopher Bike recovered 2016.7.15

A third party discovered it and contacted me through the Bike Index. Not all of the bicycle was returned, but I did get the frame, fork, bb, brakes and front hub. translated from English

Clyde Bike recovered 2016.7.14

An awesome SF police officer had seen my bike on bike index, and then spotted it a few days later and recovered it! He called me to let me know, and it really made my day. Thanks so much for creating the Bike Index! translated from English

Clinton Bike recovered 2016.7.13

Police found it in a homeless camp in poor shape, disassembled with missing pieces. They matched the serial number from the Bike Index and brought it straight to me. Now I have a project to work on. translated from English

Benjamin Bike recovered 2016.7.12