Onnee are partnering with Bike Index so you can ride with Confidence


For the average cyclist, the simple act of proving that their bike belongs to them can be virtually impossible. If a stolen bike is recovered by authorities, how does a rider prove that it’s theirs? What if two people claim the same bike? How does a buyer know a used bike isn’t stolen? In these circumstances, and many others, the answer is often an indiscriminate shrug; There isn’t a way

While many police departments and universities have their own proprietary registration systems, these have extremely limited adoption. As a result, the vast vast majority of bikes are unregistered. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the upcoming Oonee app will offer free integration with Bike Index, the nation’s leading database for bicycles. Oonee ID & Bike Index

When creating an account, each new user will be prompted create an Oonee ID, which will make them eligible for our insurance program and a number of other operational benefits. Each Oonee ID will be unique to the user and will feature photos and key information about the bike(s) that are in use throughout our parking network. Oonee ID information will also automatically be shared with the nationwide Bike Index database, which is widely used by advocates and authorities across the United States. Though the cross-registration feature will be automatic, cyclists will be able to opt out. After completing their Oonee ID, new users will have the option of receiving a Bike Index QR code that can be posted to their bike as well.

Oonee ID will be dynamic.

Users will be able to register multiple bikes throughout their Oonee experience and with updated data automatically shared with Bike Index. Users will also be able to “transfer” ownership to another individual, even if that person is not an Oonee member. Ownership transfer information will also be shared with the Bike Index database. No matter where Oonee members go in the USA, they’ll have seamless, up-to-date registration of their bicycles within the largest and most recognized national cycling database. Now that’s peace of mind.