Want to support the Bike Index? Here's how:

Want to help support the Bike Index? Good - we could use your help! :)

Here are several ways you can help in our fight against bike thieves:

Option 1: You can donate online

We'd always appreciate a donation, which you can make by clicking here.

Your donations go right back into the fight - be it to help offset our hosting fees, helping to get the word out to more shops, users, and police—or just funding more coffee for our late night coding binges. Any amount helps, and we always appreciate it hugely.

Option 2: You can buy a sticker

Perhaps you'd like a tangible memento of your donation to the Bike Index? You should buy a sticker!

By and far the single most popular sticker I've ever created is the "Death To Bike Thieves" sticker, but there's also the popular "I want my #@%!ing bike back" – both of which you can purchase at the bottom of stolen.bikeindex.org. I also do bulk orders, if you'd like more than 10 of these stickers - they've been extremely popular with bike shops of late, so large orders are welcome.

Option 3: Short on cash? Help us spread the word!

The more people know about and use the Bike Index, the better it works. If you can't support the Bike Index directly, you can always help us out by spreading the Bike Index name far and wide.

If you want to help us out in a 'non-monetary' sort of way, it would be great if you:

  • Tell friends about the Bike Index
  • Tell local bike shops about the Bike Index
  • Register your bikes, your friends bikes, and ALL THE BIKES on the Bike Index
  • Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or just like us on Facebook

No matter *how* you choose to support the Bike Index, we always appreciate it hugely. We couldn't do this without you. Thanks all :)

- The Bike Index team