#DoRightByYourBikeContest winners!

by Erin



A few weeks ago we announced our #DoRightByYourBike photo contest, asking our followers to submit photos of themselves treating their bikes right. We got some great submissions and we're excited to announce the winners!

Drumroll, please…

FIRST PLACE: "Keep Your Bike Lubricated," by Amber, who has been one of our most enthusiastic supporters from the very start. She was actually the inspiration for this contest—she was so excited about our #DoRightByYourBike series that she asked us if she could make her own.

SECOND PLACE: "Bike Bubble Bath," by Sarah. Nothing says dedication like putting on a swimsuit and successfully maneuvering your fixed gear into a bathtub meant for humans.

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted and got excited about taking photos of themselves doing silly things with their bike. We'll be reaching out to you soon to send you prizes!

Contest photo submissions