Stolen 2019 Trek Marlin 6

Stolen 2019-05-22T14:00:00-0500 at Edmonton, CA

  • Serial:SWTU155C0565N
  • Manufacturer: Trek
  • Model:Marlin 6
  • Year:2019
  • Primary colors:Black

Theft Details

  • LocationEdmonton, CA
  • Locking descriptionCable lock
  • Locking circumventedLock was cut, and left at the scene.
  • Date stolen2019.5.22
  • Police report #OL19809862
  • Department & cityEdmonton Police Department, Edmonton AB

Description of incident

Bike was locked up in back yard securely. Sometime in the middle of the night someone cut the lock and stole the bike. It had a flat back tire as the tube was blown. The pedals had been replace to black aluminum V-Sixty MG1 Sealed pedals. The seat was a 2019 Scientia M3 Large seat in black

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