Stolen 1967 Peugeot PX-10

Last seen 3. 1.1970 at North Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 94707

  • Serial:297850
  • Manufacturer:Peugeot
  • Model:PX-10
  • Year:1967
  • Primary colors:White
  • Frame size:56.5cm

Distinguishing features

StrongLight Cranks that have a dark black corrosion on the outward facing portion of each crank arm but not all the way to the edge, rat trap pedals,missing toe-clips that came with bike, Mafac Brakes, original seat-post (Light Cr-Al-), black saddle (not original), Reynolds 531 Cr-Moly Double-Butted frame, decals on each fork arm just below crown stating "Reynolds 531Tubing. Chromed fork crown, at least lower 1/3 of fork and tips are chrome, similar long lengths of chrome on seat stays and chain stays including tips. Black Nervex Lugs, lots of Tour de France decals on seat tube, Kryptonite Lock holder on seat tube,, 2-Plastic coated steel cables for locking bike, High-flange hubs w/quick release (not original quick release mechanism), high pressure clinchers, down tube controls (to change gears), last seen at Lower Sproul Plaza locked to rack outside Eshelman Hall, at UC Berkeley. 20-ish y.o. guy with gray coat, med. length brown hair with large blue back-pack full of books & no helmet in possession of my bike. He had been inside ASUC Bookstore. He wouldn't ID himself nor say where he had gotten the bike. He's likely a UCB student. I tried to take bike away from him, but he was resisting. I should have had passerby call police on a cell phone, or at least tried knocking him out. Bike was stolen 1970 when I was in 10th grade at Berkeley High School (BHS). I paid for my PX-10 from hard earned money saved from a paper-route. I was 13-14-y.o. when I bought my PX-10 brand-new in Berkeley. It was a great bike. I loved it! I had this bike for 3-years until it was stolen. I at least rode up Spruce and Grizzly Peak every other day.I rode it around Briones & San Pablo Dam Reservoirs, and further to Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Moraga, Canyon, Hayward, and more. I did these rides many times. My level of fitness became very excellent. I could ride up hills as if an invisible rope were tied to the handlebars pulling me up the hill. This bike was simply incredible! My PX-10 hasn't had proper servicing since its' theft in 1970. Whoever has had my PX-10 is trashing my bike by not taking proper care of it! Nobody takes the hubs, pedals, bottom bottom-bracket bearings out to clean everything and inspect/replace worn parts, ruining a once well cared for Road Racing Bicycle. A criminal student at BHS, "PAUL SANDERS" could have allegedly stolen the bike---he could have given the bike to one of his kids or someone else in his extended family. It was well known at BHS "PAUL SANDERS" was stealing from everyone and anybody. If you see a Peugeot PX-10, check the serial number (easiest seen holding the bike up-side down) and look at the bottom bracket (where the axle for the two crank arms goes through the frame and see if you find "297850" stamped on the frame) IF YOU FIND MY BIKE, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO GET IT BACK AND BRING IT TO ME. IF YOU FIND OUT WHO HAS MY BIKE, CONTACT THIS REGISTRY AND POLICE DEPT. I AM THE "ORIGINAL OWNER" HAVING HAD IT STOLEN AFTER ONLY 3-YEARS FROM MY FOLKS HOME, AND TRYING TO FIND IT SINCE 1970. IVE GOT SEVERAL PEOPLE WHO CAN IDENTIFY IT. PLEASE HELP ME GET MY BIKE BACK ASAP! REMEMBER $650.00 REWARD!

Theft Details

  • LocationNorth Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 94707
  • Date stolen 3. 1.1970
  • Police report #POLICE REPORT
  • Department & cityBERKELEY POLICE DEPT

Description of incident

Parents' Home Reward: $650.00

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